Upcoming Celtic Christmas Concerts


This year’s Celtic Christmas Concerts will kick off on December 1st at the Chatham Fiddle company. The wonderful fiddler, Rose Clancy will be joining me for all the concerts. This celebration of the mid winter season has a distinct Celtic flavor and extends from the little known Kilmore carols of Wexford to the Irish-American vaudeville stage. We will explore both the Christian and Pagan traditions surrounding the Winter Solstice in a mixture of songs, spoken word and instrumental pieces in a delightful musical tapestry to celebrate the season.

Dec 1 – Chatham Fiddle Company, Chatham, MA

Dec 3 – The Homegrown Coffeehouse, Needham, MA

Dec 10 – The Circle of friends Coffeehouse, Franklin, MA

Dec 16 – Linden Place, Bristol, RI

More information about all the concerts can be found at my Calendar.